Our weapons page is seriously uninformative. Please help contribute our weapons page! I am not a Treat holder and I can provide limited information on some weapons. If you can help us to provide information of those weapons, we are certainly welcome to do so. The following weapon pages are seriously vacant:

Thank you and here is a reference for a good presentation for a weapon page:

(Use {{WildOnesPrevNext}} to link weapon pages, see example on one of the weapon pages)

(Relevant templates for the special features of the weapon, e.g. Chemical Weapon, Laser, Expired Content etc.)

The (Weapon Name) is released on (Release Date). (State its function). (Compare the weapon with other similar type of weapon).

Icon (Please upload)
Cost (Please State)
Damage (Use {{Damage}} template to show how much damage does it take. Look for more for its rules.) (You can type anything in the 1st parameter. Like {{Damage|100}} shows 00000000000000000100.

Ability-Icon 100 Damage.)

Ability (Use {{Ability}} template to show how it works.) (You can type anything in the 1st parameter.)
Found in crates (Use {{Cratess}} template to show its presence in the crate. You can only type Yes or No and it is sensitive in detecting capital and non-capital letters. If you type it wrongly, it will not show up.) (If you use Crates template to do so, it will show words instead of a picture)
Released Date (Please state)
Expiry Date (Please state)


(Please write its good things)


(Please write its bad things)


(Please write its additional information)

(Any technique or special features of this weapon?)

(You can also link to other relevant weapon pages by using Heading 2 for the heading and type "See Also". (Source mode: Type two equal signs at the front and at the back.))

(REMEMBER TO ADD {{WeaponsNavBox}}

P.S. Also add the pictures I've added to the Weapons Pages and use a funny caption!

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