The reasons why I enable comments: (Actually WildWarren enable it but I'm the one who suggest it)

  1. It creates a platform which can make the people to ask some questions about such item and give some comments about that item.
  2. A simpler system instead of using talk page which can make people easier to express their opinions.
  3. Easier to see what they comment and people will know more on them. It can be another part of trivia.
  4. Easier to announce something about such item instead of using talk which will NOT show the message and less people will look what is the announcement.
  5. Some comments are targeting the article and what we have done not so good. Via these suggestions, we can improve the wiki more and more.
  6. It also shows an active atmosphere in this wiki.
  7. Problems can be solved through comments as well as some serious issues can be tackled through comments instead of talk page, occupying a lot of spaces.
  8. Comments can also be a venue to hold competitions instead of "spamming" the talk pages. If comments aren't enable, why do we hold competitions?
  9. Comments can also provide more information which can make us to follow.

If you are convinced, please support me for enable the comments function back!

Please don't have a great bias on anonymous pets as they are not pests!

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