This is the blueprint from Wildoneshelper blog, to prevent long name, it is redirected to here.

To prevent massive Vandalism, we have created the vandalism scale. When vandalism reaches to 5, we may have to block you for a while and when it is higher, we must block you for a long period of time.
Vandalism Scale
Vandalism Scale 2

The new vandalism scale.

Vandalism scale 11-15

Fan Suggestions

Fan Suggestions: 15 - Rareful Catastropic Storm vandalism

14 - Catastropic vandalism

13 - Very Disastrous vandalism

12 - Disastrous vandalism

11 - Ruinous vandalism


10 - Destructive vandalism

9 - Massive vandalism

8 - Large vandalism

7 - "Image-broken" vandalism

6 - "Visitors-get-out" vandalism

5 - Continuous vandalism and with emergency

4 - Continuous vandalism but no emergency

3 - Chain vandalism

2 - Nonsense vandalism

1 - "Cannot-be-seen" vandalism

For editing or putting a photo into someone's profile, you have violated the category 7 which we must block you for some days for doing that.

For adding a space into sentence, only categorized as category 1. You will not be blocked but it's better for you to stop it.

For adding a page which don't violate other's copyright, it'll be category 4. If you add a page which is a fan containing his/her names or photos, you have violated category 5 and may be blocked of this.

For deleting main pages or "wiki-core" templates, you have violated category 10 and will be banned for the highest.

For deleting user pages or renaming user pages, you have violated category 9 and must be banned for a long period of time.

For vandalism and add foul language, you have violated category 2 and if you do it continuously, it will rise to category 3 and too foul it will rise to category 4 and if you replaced by a very foul and false information, you will violate category 5-6 and have to be blocked for a while.

For false information, you will violate category 2 and continuously for category 3 or higher.

For a page which is nonsense, category 2. However, if it is not sure it will be deleted, none but deleted will be category 1.

For saying foul language, category 6. For saying words which hurt that user so much, category 7. For chain vandalism, category 8.

For redirect a page which is nonsense, category 6.

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