503px-Comboshcomooooooo pack

Weapon Bundle Pack shown in the top left hand side.

The Weapon Bundle Pack is costed for 33 treats. You will find some basic weapons which is over $15 of ammo.

Posible RewardsEdit

  • 5x Missile Streams
  • 6x Teleporters
  • 10 Cow's
  • 5x MIRV's
  • 36x Mega MIRV's
  • 10x Anti Grav Missiles
  • 20x Invisibility Potion's
  • 3x Cluster Missiles
  • 20x Miniguns
  • 9x Rubber Grenades
  • 9x Backers Dozen's
  • 5x Goo Globgun's
  • 5x Rubber Grenade MIRV's
  • 3x Anvils
  • 5x Anti Grav Missiles
  • 35x Grave Diggers
  • 5x Mine Cluster's
  • 27x Mega Globgun's
  • 5x Quintuplets
  • 5x Kamehameha Waves
  • 5x Rubber Grenade Trios
  • 3x Baby Nukes
  • 3x Drill Missiles
  • 20 Earthquake!'s
  • 36x Starfields
  • 20x Spider Bombs
  • 7x Beehives
  • 3x Dinamites
  • 5x Anti Grav Missiles
  • 23x Rubber Grenade Air Strike's
  • 18x Grenades
  • 3x Ninja Star's
  • 23x Queen Beehive's
  • 10x Chainsaw's


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