The Weapon Super Pack is the reemplacement from the Weapon Mega Pack. It costs 70 Treats

Known RewardsEdit

  • x18 Impulse Bombs
  • x3 Ninja Stars
  • x15 Spider Bomb Showers
  • x3 Game Over Nukes
  • x20 Spider Bombs
  • x3 Baby Nukes
  • x20 Birthday Cakes
  • x15 Spears
  • x7 Beehives
  • x3 Grappling Hooks
  • x20 Musketeer Swords
  • x15 Bazookas
  • x6 Ninja Stars
  • x5 Kamehameha Waves
  • x3 Dynamites
  • x5 Anti-Grav Missiles
  • x30 Ironwood Trees
  • x10 Chainsaws
  • x10 Mine Clusters
  • x3 Anvils
  • x20 Text Books
  • x3 Drill Clusters
  • x10 Birthday Cakes
  • x15 Mega Nukes
  • x20 Mallets
  • x20 Banana Bombs
  • x5 Goo Globguns
  • x10 Text Books
  • x3 Jumbo Missiles
  • x27 Mega Globguns
  • x80 Banana Bombs
  • x30 Spears
  • x3 Cluster Grenades
  • x20 Earthquake!'s
  • x23 Mega Cluster Grenades
  • x9 Rubber Grenade
  • x5 Anti-Grav Missiles
  • x30 Bazookas
  • x5 Rubber Grenade Mirvs
  • x3 Baby Napalms
  • x16 Nukes
  • x18 Grenades
  • x45 Spears
  • x6 Baby Globguns
  • x6 Teleporters
  • x15 Spider Bomb Showers
  • x20 Banana Bombs
  • x5 Rubber Grenade Trios


  • It contains more weapons and ammo than its old version


  • Its more expensive than Ultimate Weapon Pack, and does not have more weapons than it.Also, it can give ordinary and bad weapons sometimes so it is a bit of a waste of Treats.


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