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This is new very like to WPE PRO.


  • T-Search
  • Weapon's
  • Weapon Code's
  • Cheat Engine
  • Hotkeys

Weapon Hack(Easy Tourial)Edit

  1. Open Wild Ones.
  2. Open T-Search(Open your Browser).
  3. Go to Practice.
  4. Click ur Weapon Hotkey like Shift+1.
  5. Click in T-Search Replace 10 times.
  6. Note:EX.antigravmissile 15 words and candy_corn_mirv 15 words also.
  7. Find What:antigravmissile
  8. Replace to:candy_corn_mirv
  9. Click Replace all.
  10. You can see ur weapon change.
  11. Make another Hotkey.
  12. Refresh your page.
  13. 99X hack to make the weapon work.
Note:That Word of codes need's to be example 7 to 7 to make the hack work.

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