The Old Format of Wild Ones


The Old Home Page of Wild Ones

The Old Wild Ones, also known as Wild Ones Alpha, was released on December 15, 2009. Unlike the New Wild Ones, its aim was to eliminate all opponents and become the only standing Player, much like the Limited Match of today!

The differences between the Old Wild Ones and the current Wild Ones:

  • There was Wind.
  • The Damage was fewer.
  • The maps became flooded.
  • Items were limited.
  • There were no team battles.
  • The level limit was 15.
  • There were no Foolish Errors, Ice Bridges, Kennel, or Graveyard map.
  • There were only 18 weapons.
  • The timer used numbers instead of a graph.
  • The first Bee Gun was weaker.
  • The first Goo Gun was less accurate.
  • The Chat time was on the left and then right.
  • The Drill Gun was more expensive.
  • Tele-Drill was often used.
  • There was no leaderboard.
  • The Pets were cheaper and the Membership Pets were expensive with coins
  • There were no snack power-ups.
  • There was no full-screen button.
  • Accessories were more expensive and had no power-ups when wearing them.
  • There was no theme music.
  • There was no respawn/Last One Standing.
  • The Grenades were Unlimited.
  • You couldn't keep the weapons found in weapon crates.
  • The health packs only healed 100 health points.
  • Quick Play button was available.
  • A laser quest was available.
  • The Wheel gave weaker weapons.
  • Grenades costed 48 Facebook Credits for 500 shots.
  • There were no Daily Gifts.
  • MIRV was available for coins.
  • There were no Cat, Armadillo, Bat, Hamster, Platypus, Dragon, Penguin, Chameleon and a Hedgehog.
  • Angle Measurement wasn't available.
  • There was no Membership.
  • There were no Treats or Facebook Credits.
  • You could skip turn.
  • Before every match you could change your pet and you had limited time to press ready.
  • On private games with name you could bet Coins or Treats.
  • Angle measurement was available

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