There are 2 Different Currency in Wild Ones:

  • Coins
  • Treats (For Myspace and Facebook)
  • Facebook Credits (No longer available)

These currencies are used to buy Pets, Accessories and Weapons. It is also use to gain access the Membership Benefits.



Current Wild Ones CurrencyEdit


  • The Main Currency of Wild Ones.

    Coin Icon

  • You can earn random amount of coins by playing and finishing each Matches.
  • Both present in Facebook and Myspace.
  • You can convert Treats into coins.
  • A Coin Icon is seen everytime a pet hits someone.



Treat Icon

  • You can buy Treats through PayPal.
  • Available for MySpace and Facebook.
  • Players get 1 Treat for earning a Medal.
  • Facebook users may exchange their Facebook Credits for Treats.
  • The Premium Currency of Wild Ones.
  • Used to buy Premium Item or Premium Weapon.

No Longer Wild Ones CurrencyEdit

Facebook CreditsEdit

  • You might earn 5 Facebook Credits by playing Hello City, Happy Aquarium and Bejeweled Blitz.

    Facebook Credit icon

  • Only available in Facebook.
  • You can buy Facebook Credits through PayPal, Credit Cards and etc.
  • The Universal Currency of Facebook.
  • 1 Treat = 3 Facebook Credits.
  • Some very lucky Facebook users can get Facebook Credits for Free.
  • No longer a currency in Wild Ones.

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