The Wild Ones Doomsday happened on 12:00 (Irish - UK Time) on 1/11/11 where all accounts had been turned back to level 0.Everyone was forced to refresh the page and after that there was a loading error.15 Minutes later the error was gone but a bad surprise awaited - All accounts has been restored back to level 0. Everybody quit the game and many people were mad.

at 12:40 (Irish - UK Time) all accounts had been restored back to normal.Unfortunally, because of that instead of 13000+ Players online it dramaticly went down to 7302 Players online. From 4,000,000+ Likes it went to 3,100,000 Likes.For all survivors here is 5 Trick or Treats Bag

Wish all people are back to normal.

But why and what made this happened?

CAT! Playdom-dragonEltigre 12:48, November 1, 2011 (UTC)

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