Wild Ones, created by Playdom, is a Facebook game. Our Wild Ones guide, includes helpful information like how to play Wild Ones, awesome Wild Ones tips, and how to win lots of money while playing the game. We will update our Wild Ones guide as Playdom releases additional features for the game. Feel free to contribute to the guide by sending us any great strategies or cool tips that you find helpful. Upon receiving them we’ll consider extending the guide to include them the next time we update it.

Wild Ones Beginners

Getting Started – When you first load the Wild Ones game, you will be given th opportunity to customize your pet. At this point you will need to enter a name for your pet, select the gender of the pet, and select the colors for your pet. After you’ve done this click the check mark at the bottom of the box to save your changes and begin playing the game.

Multiplayer fighting – You can earn money and points by fighting other animals in Wild Ones. To do this, you will need to enter an area where you can fight other players. To enter these fights, you will need ammo and a map. You can get these from the store. To enter a fight, click the Multiplayer button on the left side of your screen. Then select a map from the box and click the Play button. You will have to wait for everyone else in the fight to get ready as well. Once you’re ready, click the Ready button. When everyone is ready, you will have to wait your turn in order to fight. You only have a few seconds to get to where you want to be and begin fighting, so plan your strategy before your turn comes. You will need to walk to where you want to go and click the ammo that you want to use at the bottom of the window. Then you have to align your weapon with the target and click to release it.

To get out of the multiplayer fighting, click the X on the screen. If you leave early however, you will not receive your Wild Ones coins or experience points. The fights seem to drag on at times but you need to hang around to collect your coins and experience points. The length of a fight depends on how many people are in the room and how much time each player has.

Practice fighting – You can practice fighting by clicking the Practice button on the left side of your screen. When the box opens, change the settings to what you want and select the map. Then click the checkmark to have the game load. When you are ready to start fighting click the Ready button. It is best to practice fighting until you get the hang of it. That way you won’t lose any Wild Ones coins and experience points.

Walking and jumping during fights – When you are in a fight and it is your turn, you will need to point your arrow left or right to walk. Then click your mouse button and hold it until you get to where you want to go. If you need to jump over an obstacle, you will need to point your arrow straight up and click.

Changing fight settings – If you want to change the settings before you begin fighting, you may easily do so. When you click on Multiplayer you will see the map box open. On the right side of the box, you will see the Edit button. Click that button and you can change the max number of players and the max amount of time allowed. Once you are finished, choose your map and click the Play button.

Keyboard shortcuts – There are keyboard shortcuts that you can use when you are fighting. At the top of your screen, you will see the question mark. Click that and the keyboard shortcut chart will open. Study this chart before going into battle as it will help you move much quicker.

Understanding your Fight screen – During a fight your screen will appear differently. To get a better understanding of your fight screen, click the question mark at the top of your screen. On the left side of the box is your fight screen. There you will see labels explaining everything.

Dressing your Wild Ones pet – You can dress your pet with accessories in Wild Ones to customize their look. To do this, you will need to go to the shop and buy the accessories that you want for your pet. The accessories will then be placed in your trunk. To open your trunk, click the My Pets button on the left side of your screen. When the box opens, you will see the available accessories. If you have more than one pet, you will need to click the arrows to select and position your pet. Next, click on accessories to change your pets’ accessories. You can click through the different tabs in the trunk to see all the different categories and simply click on what items you what you want to select. When you are finished, click the Home button on the left side of your screen to close the trunk and return you to your home.

Wild Ones shopping – You can go shopping in Wild Ones to buy pet accessories, weapons, and more pets if you wish to do so. Some of the items in the shop require you to be on certain levels in order to purchase them. At this time, the maps category is unavailable.

Muting the sound – If you want to turn sound off in the Wild Ones game, click the sound icon at the top of your screen. To turn it back on, simply click on the button again.

To visit the different sections in the shop, click the button on the store box that opens. The category will then load and you can use the arrows to scroll through your items. Items, like clothes, can be tested before buying them. To make a purchase, you will need to click the Buy button.

Visiting the bank – If you are in need of treats, you can visit the bank to buy some more. On the left side of your screen, you will see the Bank button. Click that button and the page will reload. Then you can select the option for treats and select your payment option to begin the checkout process.

What are Wild Ones treats? – The treats are used to buy things like clothing and accessories for your pets.

Earning treats – If you do not have the funds to purchase treats, you can also earn free treats by filling out offers. To do this, click the bank button and scroll down the page to see the game offers. Completing these offers will earn you treats but make sure you read the fine print and be weary of giving out your credit card number.

Wild Ones ammo – At the bottom of your screen, below your pet, you will see a box with ammo. The bright items are the those that you currently own. You can click these items in your fights to use them.

Buying Wild Ones ammo – To buy more ammo, you will need to open your shop. Once the shop is open, click the weapons category and select the ammo that you want to buy. Not all of it will be available and some of them will need to be unlocked as you advance Wild Ones levels.

Wild Ones stats – If you want to view your fight statistics (i.e. wins, losses), click the My Pets button on the left side of your screen. When the box opens, you will see an Open button. Click that button and the bottom part of your box will close and the top part will open. In the top part of the box, you will see your Wild Ones stats. To close this box, click the Home button on the left side of your screen.

Bookmarking Wild Ones – If you want to quickly access your Wild Ones game, you can always bookmark it. If you bookmark the game, you can click the game icon at the bottom of your screen to easily access it from anywhere in Facebook. At the top of your screen, you will see the Bookmark button. Click that button and the Wild Ones game will be added to the Facebook toolbar located at the bottom of your screen.

Zooming in / out – When you’re in fight mode, you can zoom in and out of your game. To zoom out, press the Page Down button on your keyboard and to zoom in, press the Page Up button on your keyboard.

How To Play Wild Ones

Earning Wild Ones coins – You will need to earn Wild Ones coins to purchase Wild Ones items (e.g. clothing). To earn Wild Ones coins, you can do things like play with your neighbors’ pets, participate in fights, and fill out Wild Ones offers. Coins do not come easy in this game and you’ll have to work really hard to earn them.

Earning Wild Ones points – To earn experience points in Wild Ones, you can do things like participate in fights or play with your friends’ pets. You will only earn two points per pet you play with but if you have a lot of friends these points will add up quickly. Experience points are required to level up in the game. The higher the Wild Ones level, the more items you will unlock in the shop as well.

Inviting Wild Ones friends – If you have friends that you want to invite to play the game, click the Invite link at the top of the screen. When the page reloads, click the box next to the friends that you want to invite to the game and click the Send button. Once the invitation is sent, you will need to click the OK button to return to your game. If your friends accept the invitation, they will become one of your Wild Ones neighbor.

Visiting Wild Ones neighbors – You can earn coins and Wild Ones experience points by visiting your neighbors in Wild Ones. At the bottom of your screen, you will see the neighbors list. Click on a neighbor in that list and then click the Play with Pet button. You will then earn Wild Ones coins and experience points for doing so. Close the box and click on another friend and do the same thing. You can continue doing this until you have visited all of your neighbors. You won’t earn much from each friend, but if you have a lot of friends, it will add up.

Wild Ones neighbors’ status – You can tell if your Wild Ones neighbors are online or offline simply by clicking the appropriate tab above your neighbors list. You will see the Online tab at the bottom of the screen and clicking this tab will show who is online. If you want to see everyone that plays the game, click on the All tab.

Wild Ones leveling rewards – If you are curious as to what you will get once you reach the next Wild Ones level, you can easily find it on the right side of your screen. There you should see a small box with the words “Next Unlock Item”. In that box, you can see what item you will get in the next Wild Ones level.

Sending Wild Ones gifts – Sending Wild Ones gifts is a great way to help your friends. To send gifts, you will need to click the Gift button at the bottom of your screen. A box will then open and you will see the gifts you have to choose from. Select a gift by clicking it and hit the proceed button. On the next page, you will need to click the box next to the friends name that you want to send the gift(s) to. Once you click the box beside their name, their name will appear in the bottom box. After you have selected all of your friends, you will need to click the Send button at the bottom of the box. A box will open and you will need to click the Send button in that box. After the gift is sent, you will need to click OK on the box that pops up.

Accepting Wild Ones Gifts – Accepting gifts in Wild Ones can help you succeed in fights. To see if you have any Wild Ones gifts to accept, navigate to your Facebook requests page. If there are indeed any gifts to accept you need to manually click on the accept button to obtain them. The page will then reload and tell you what gifts you have in your possession. If you have more gifts, you can click the Claim More button to grab them. You will then be redirected to your request page where you can accept more gifts. If you do not have any more gifts to claim, you can click the checkmark and be returned to the game.

Speeding up loading – If you are having a hard time playing Wild Ones due to slow page loading, you can drop the quality of the graphics to help remedy this problem. At the top of your screen, you’ll see the Hi and Low button. Click the Low button to reduce the graphics quality and Wild Ones should load much quicker in response.

Leveling up points – If you want to know how many points you need to reach the next Wild Ones level, you will need to place your mouse over the points bar. The Wild Ones points bar is located in the top left corner of your screen. When you place your mouse over that bar, you will see a box pop up letting you know how many experience points you’ll need to reach the next level.

Switching pets – If you have more than one pet, you will have a carousel of pets in your main window. The pet that is in the front of the carousel is the one you will use when fighting. If you want to switch the pet, click on the arrows and the pet you want to use.

Buying pets – You can buy a new pet by visiting the Wild Ones shop. Open your shop, click the Pets category, and then click on the arrows to view the different Wild Ones pets. Not all of the pets will be available for you to purchase in the beginning; sme of them will be unlocked as you reach new Wild Ones levels. To buy a pet, click the Buy button and the pet will appear in your list of available pets.

Daily bonus – Every day you log into Wild Ones, you will be rewarded with a daily bonus. It’s not much but it’s well worth it to make sure you at least log in everyday to obtain the daily bonus.

Wild Ones Strategy

Practice before fighting – It is a good idea to practice fighting before entering into a real fight. In practice mode you can perfect your fighting skills without losing any Wild Ones money.

Try another browser – While you can reduce the graphics quality to help speed-up page loading for Wild Ones, you might also try using another web browser. Opera and Google Chrome are two wonderful alternatives that should help reduce page loading times.

Fight often – You should enter fight mode as often as you can to earn Wild Ones money and experience points. Some games may take a while depending on how many players you have and the time amount each Wild Ones player is provided.

Wild Ones fan pages – Increasing the number of neighbors you have is critical to your success in the Wild Ones game as it unlocks Wild Ones items, permits you to earn more coins, gain more experience points, and level up faster. An easy way to find Wild Ones players is to join Wild Ones groups and fan pages. There you’ll be able to post your Facebook profile link to the wall so others can easily add you.

Four players please – Wild Ones allows you to set the number of players in the game and setting it to a higher number can make the game faster. That is, with only four players you will not have to wait long before it’s your turn.

Help and gift – Assisting your Wild Ones neighbors by visiting them and sending them gifts frequently will also benefit you. That is, you’ll earn Wild Ones points while doing so and it encourages your Wild Ones friends to return the favor and helping you too.

Don’t autopost – While playing Wild Ones the game may serve a popup window and ask you to share your accomplishments with your fellow Facebook friends. We advise you to use this sparingly and disable auto-sharing permissions for Wild Ones. To learn how to do this, see our Facebook Guide.

Invite messages – When sending out Wild Ones invites to people asking them to join you in the game should also include a brief message explaining why you are sending them such an invite. A simple message like “Wild Ones” or “Wild Ones add” will suffice and you’ll find that it will be much more successful than not including it.

Use keyboard shortcuts – It’s a good idea to study your keyboard shortcuts before entering into battle. These shortcuts will help you move faster during fights which will increase your chances of winning Wild Ones fights.

Send Wild Ones tips – If you’ve got any helpful Wild Ones info, send such Wild Ones tips to us so we can incorporate them into our Wild Ones guide. This helps us keep the guide packed with fresh tips and strategies for you and other Wild Ones members.

Share this Wild Ones guide <=== Click this link to share our Wild Ones guide with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Again, this helps us help you; the guide is a powerful tool used to educate people how to play Wild Ones and it encourages them to assist you as well as frequently send you Wild Ones gifts in the game.

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