Welcome to Wild Ones Wiki:Requests for Promotion.

You may apply for Rollback Rights, Administrator privileges and Burecaucrat on this noticeboard. To do so, you must meet the prerequisites, and then state what position you are looking for and why you think you need the rollback and/or administrator tools.

Requests for Oversight and Checkuser must be done at Wikia Central (and they'll probably be declined).

Rollback is a tool that allows users to quickly revert vandalism.

Administrators have the power to block and ban users, protect pages, move images, and delete pages and images, in addition to rollback.

To qualify for rollback rights, editors must have been active for two months with no rules violations. Rollbackers must receive a 60% 'yes' percentage to be promoted.

To qualify for administrator rights, editors must have been active for six months with no rules violations. Administrators must receive a 70% 'yes' percentage to be promoted. Those applying for adminship will likely be asked questions on how they deal with certain situations. This is to see if a user has the capabilities of being an administrator.

Editors with rollback and administrator experience on other wikis are encouraged to apply, and based on the editor in question exceptions may be made to the length of time editing required for promotion.

When applying for promotion, a community vote will take place. Voting lasts 7 days, although it may be allowed to run shorter (in the case of an obvious pass/fail) or longer (in the case of a very close vote) at sysop discretion.

Application users who are caught tampering with other users votes, such as changing a no to a yes, will have their request closed immediately.

Please submit your requests at the top of the "Active requests" page subsection.

Active RequestsEdit

Inactive RequestsEdit


Taymon88 - RollbackEdit

Taymon88, been here for awhile now... really love this site and everything you have done with it. I come here atleast 3 times a week and would love to be a rollback promotion to help protect the site and keep faulty information at bay. Even if im rejected i want to thank you for your time and all the work you have done on the this site, it really is great!!!



  • Sorry but seems that you have 29 edits from now. According to our rules, you must have at least 450 edits to qualify one of the requirements for being a rollback. I hope you understand. Wildoneshelper (Talk) 22:55, April 13, 2013 (UTC)
  • Same as above. We don't have much active staff here though. 3 times a week is fine but you need a bit more edits. WildBrick142 (Talk) 23:14, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

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