WildBrick142 and Jan Carlo Velasco are Looking for the New Unreleased Guy.This Contest has started.



The Teams Depend on how many people are in the contest. If there's 3 People then there would be 3 Teams, if 4 Then 2 teams. Pick your Pet favorite Pet and Accessories and say it to WildBrick142 or Jan Carlo Velasco and we will make you your own Team Pet also Pick your Favorite Color and this will represent you team.

Level 1Edit

First Round RequirementsEdit

  • Answer what is the file Called and what does it stand for.
  • Say codes for each of the Files.
  • We need your email to send the tutorial because it will be really needed for second round.

Second Round RequirementsEdit

  • Find Maximum of 5 (minimum is 2) Unreleased and Show it to Jan Carlo Velasco or WildBrick142.
  • Make 1 Video About The Unreleased.
  • Make At least 1 Animated Gif of Unreleased.

Level 2Edit

First Round RequirementsEdit

  • Estimate when the unreleased item will be Released
  • Download Adobe Flash
  • Make a Pet in it

Second Round RequirementsEdit

  • Find minimum 5 unreleased items (maximum 10 for bonus points).
  • Make a weapon in Flash.
  • Make a pet animate (breathe, ability, jump, get up,hold weapons etc.) Pick one. if you want bonus points pick 2, 3, 4 or all.

Sign UpEdit

Put your signatures in here

​Contestants & Their PointsEdit


  • First to Answer - 100 Points
  • Second To Answer - 80 Points
  • Third to answer - 60 Points
  • Fourth To answer - 40 Points
  • Fifth/Last To Answer - 1 Point

Bonus PointsEdit

  • Exact Name - 100 Points
  • Really Close To Exact name - 80 Points
  • Close To Exact Name - 20 Points
  • Wrong - 5 Points
  • Far away from answer - -30 Points
  • Answer Within 30 Minutes - 100 Points
  • Answer Within 2 Hours - 80 Points
  • Answer Within 12 Hours - 30 Points
  • Answer Within a Day - 20 Points
  • Answer Within 48 Hours - 5 Points
  • Answer Within rest of time (mximum 5 days) - -20 Points

​To All Contestants Please Put Your Photos HereEdit

Put Here.


  • ​Note:Anyone Who will Impress Jan Carlo Velasco and WildBrick142 will be in YouTube and 'Jan Carlo Velasco Will Record this and it will be in a Match with 'WildBrick142 playing with you.
  • Note that you also need To put Name of the thing you find unreleased.Only Exact Name or Close Name gives the most points.


  • After you win you:
    • ​Play with WildBrick142 and Jan Carlo Velasco this will be recorded and put on YouTube.
    • huge trophy on your user page.


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