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"Winter Wonderblammed" is the 12th map in Wild Ones. It was released on the month of December 2010 due to Christmas.

Winter wonderblammed

Winter Wonderblammed


  • This is a special map for Christmas, just like how Foolish Errors is for April's Fools, Graveyard is for Halloween, and Chow Time! is for Thanksgiving.
  • It is a really problematic map because of the lack of space for mobing and shooting.
  • Watch out the pit between the snowmen!!!
  • Rabbit is recommended for this stage due to the several hard-to-reach places needed to move properly. You'll save tons of grappling hooks and teleporters!
  • The Snowflakes are actually Platforms
  • It is the first map for celebrating Christmas, the second would be Santa's Workshop.
  • It can be accessed if you type it's name to the private room.