X99 Hack is frequently referred to by Playdom, the Wild Ones Wiki and the Playdom Forums
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X99 Hack is a hacked way of having unlimited weapons in Wild Ones.

Note: Even though it is x99 hack it still uses up weapons. If you want change to weapon where you really have x0 use hotkeys to do it.

Many Hackers abuse this system, please don't waste your precious weapons on people who use this kind of cheat.

It is hacked by Cheat Engine or WPE Pro.

This is against the rules and you will be banned.


x 99 on Chainsaw

Tutorial For Cheat Enigne (Spoiler) (Not recommended)Edit

This tutorial is not supported. It brings bad opinion about the wiki from Playdom and Playdom Forums.

1.Open Cheat Engine

2.Go to process and choose you browser.

3.Choose any weapon (Recommended 4+ ammo. NOT Missile).

4.Type amount in Cheat Engine.

5.Use the weapon until you have only 1.

6.Put it in a box.

7.Right click "see what writers this address".

8.Shoot one more time.

wtf.Choose one with eax at end.

9.Click "Show Dissasembler".

10.Choose eax on end and clic tools > auto assemble.

11.Template > code injection and press "OK".

12.Remove "mov" and write "add" remove "eax" and write "99" (delete the one under this code).

13.Ctrl+C (Copy).

14.In the place in blue written "place your code here" paste this code here.

15. Execute and click yes.

This hack is not permanent and can be taken off by refreshing the page WARNING: this cheat does waste ammo! this is only if you don't have ammo in a weapon.

IMPORTANT:once you run out of a weapon i understand that you can press it again.To get it back to x99 go to "choose weapon/manage weapon" put your mouse over the weapon you want x99 on and press/hold "shift + 0-9" its shift + any number you want.once in game if u click the number you saved it as you will be able to use it. EX:gamma ray = shift+1 once im fighting press the number "1" and gamma ray appears as x99 this is called "HOTKEYS".

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